Friday, January 05, 2007

the multitasking post

UF'ed business

I decided that while I was listing UFO's, I might as well list this one, although it is clearly not knitted:

I began this baby quilt when I was pregnant with the movie maven, which is to say that I haven't touched it since October 9, 1993. I do intend to finish it someday; all that's left is about 2/3 of the quilting and the binding. I don't, however, plan to make it part of my knitting resolution rules, which are below.

knitting resolutions 2007

1. I must finish one UFO before casting on a new one. Ie, I'm nearly done with Murphy's pair of socks; when they're done, I can cast on something new. When it's done, I have to go back and finish another UFO from yesterday's list. And so on.

2. There will be no new sock yarn purchases in 2007.

3. There will be no new dishcloth cotton purchases in 2007.

4. I must cast on projects first for which I already own a pattern and/or yarn. I will make exceptions for gifts if I really can't find a suitable gift project in my stash.

That's it! Those are my resolutions. They seem pretty manageable...

2007 planned projects in no particular order

1. fetching (hey, EVERYBODY'S doing it)

2. pawprint scarf. This will be my first lace project! I already have the yarn, but I forget what it is and you're just going to have to wait to find out because I'm not going to unstash the stash again just to look at the ballband.

3. hair scrunchies for the movie maven

4. top secret birthday gifts for both penguin boy and my sweetie (March birthdays--better get going on those)

5. jaywalkers. FOR ME. Made with one of the luscious self-striping things I bought at the Winterfeldplatz market in Berlin last summer

6. felted slippers (we call them Hausschuhe) for someone in the family. We all wear them (storebought!), and I have to tackle felting sooner or later

And I've got a couple of skeins of Noro that really should be a scarf or a hat or something... plus about 8 billion more balls of sock yarn...

just because they love me

Here's what I got from my fambly for Christmas!

From penguin boy

Hm... maybe he's spent some time waiting for me in bookstores while I've obsessively pawed through the knitting books...

From the movie maven

We've already watched all fifteen delicious episodes. If you didn't watch it on PBS, some stations (including ours) are airing it on Masterpiece Theater again beginning this Sunday (Jan. 7).

There's that poodle sneaking into the pics again.

And look what my sweetie got me!
That's right: the full set of Knitpicks options needles. Ah, now there's a man who loves his knitter.

lastly, belated showing of holiday knits

These did all appear on the Who Wouldn't Love A Handknitted Gift blog, but for those of you who weren't there, here were the final few:

diamond lace bookmark for my sweetie

I made it out of the yarn for Murphy's Pair of Socks, just so he'd have something under the tree knit by me

I ended up making more of these to give to my parents, a perfect gift for readers who are about to downsize their home (especially from a knitter who has about 75 acres of sock yarn)

fuzzy scarf for the movie maven

I abandoned several projects for her before landing on this one with only a few days to go until Christmas. Hence the now-begun fuzzy pillow pictured in yesterday's UFO list.

Poodle was a good model for this one.

My Personal Favorite: Penguin Boy's Penguin

Lastly, Cara over at January One (where I've long been a stalker) tagged me (at my own request) with the 10-things challenge, letter W. I need to give it some thought, but it'll be here in the next few days. I hope. I do have to factor in the zillion hours I'll be singing at the Kennedy Center this weekend, my chorus's moving and rousing annual Choral Tribute to MLK. Maybe I can rustle up a few good W ideas from my wild and wooly (ahem!) chorus buds.


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