Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ignominious UFO List

Happy New Year! In the spirit of resolution, I've resolved (ahem) to post a photo-documented list of my ignominious hoard of UFO's. This will be the first step of my 2007 Knitting Resolution: I will finish one UFO before taking on each new project, that is, no casting on without first finishing one lovely, lying-around-for-god-knows-how-long thing. Here they are, my UFO's, in no particular order:

linen table runner
As you can see, this is a VERY unfinished object.

yet another fuzzy pillow
for the movie maven

twin rib sock in Lisa Souza handdyed,
colorway "wild things"

plus poodle

brightly colored warshrags,
only two waffly rows from done

peagreen cashmere funnelneck sweater,
front only so far

I really like this sweater and mean to wear it!

OK, how did that dog get into all these pictures?

This is Murphy's pair of socks, nearly done, for my sweetie for Christmas. In January. These socks have been through many trials, but they look like excellent socks in the end.

Lisa Souza, colorway "petroglyph"
some funky rib pattern that I might have made up

And finally, my afghan! It's been so long since I got this out that I had forgotten how much I loved it. Patons merino, my own simple seed-and-stockinette pattern. Two and a half panels (roughly) to go.

Tomorrow, a list of planned new projects, plus belated pics of Christmas FO's.

Lastly..... Happy opening day to the 110th Congress of the United States, DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED!!! May our representatives show the courage of their convictions. Remember our deteriorating environment, our vanishing civil liberties, our poverty-stricken and our homeless citizens, our dismal reputation in the world, the devastated people of Iraq and our soldiers and civil servants there. Peace and justice are not impossible goals.

And won't it be lovely not to have any flag-burning or marriage-saving amendments proposed?


Blogger amisha said...

oh hon, you *must* finish the cashmere!! :)
i thought very briefly about posting my UFOs but there is no way... too many of them! but january is the finishing month so here we go...

12:49 PM  

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