Wednesday, October 18, 2006

4 things meme

This whole meme thing is so self-indulgently delicious.

4 Jobs I've Held

1. receptionist at the Sierra Club national headquarters
2. adjunct professor of English
3. day care sub
4. cashier at a country general store (Dan & Whit's)

4 Movies I Never Get Tired of Watching

1. The Princess Bride
2. Local Hero
3. Philadelphia Story
4. Best In Show

4 Places I've Lived

1. Norwich VT
2. San Francisco CA
3. Madison WI
4. Washington DC

4 TV Shows I Like

1. American Experience
2. Mystery
3. Jeopardy
4. Masterpiece Theater

4 Places I've Vacationed

1. Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia
2. Costa Rica
3. Cinque Terre, Italy
4. Ireland

4 Websites I Visit Often

1. Washington Post
2. New York Times
3. Mason Dixon Knitting
4. Yarn Harlot

4 Special Treats for Me

1. a night in a hotel
2. cannolis
3. a hot bath
4. sitting by the fire in my pj's on a snowy day in Vermont with a mug of cocoa

1 Place I'd Rather Be Right Now

Actually, I'm pretty content right now. But I'd never mind being in Vermont.

I have finished a couple of objects but I can't show them to you because they're gifts for people who might look at the blog.


Blogger Em said...

What a great list of places to have been! And I'm right there with you on a "night in a hotel". Such a treat.
Thanks for the F-P washcloth encouragement on the Holiday KAL. I've lost the ability to see if I'm paranoid or sensible- somehow those lines have becomed blurred in knitting!

4:55 PM  

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