Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

Among the many things for which I am especially thankful this year are:

* DEMOCRATS. Hallelujah! Jim Webb, the lushly purple state of Virginia and the proudly blue city of Alexandria. On to 2008!

* Cool rainy days and good aged firewood

* The pizza place at the corner of Suedwestkorso and Wiesbadener Strasse; the lake by the Schelands' house in Leipzig; the sand pit at the IBZ; the U-bahn; sunset at 10 p.m.; a good (long) stroll through the Tiergarten (and past the Spanish Embassy twice!) with 14 of my favorite people

* Josie's other mom, Katy

* kids playing instruments; handknit hats; the Maury playground after school; the dog park; La Piazza; afternoons on East Walnut Street; Karen's pies; a good laugh

* modern antidepressants

* my children's grandparents

* the house on Bradley Hill Road; the breathtaking slideshow Steve made of it

* the back porch

* email exchanges, sometimes frivolous, sometimes profound, with Tracy and Susan

* 13-year-old girls (who knew how much I'd like them!)

* knitting blogs

* having Paul around

* the children's classes of the Choreographers Collaboration Project

* Friday happy hour with Karen and Mary Jo

* so-called book club

* netflix

* family movie night

* Steve's willingness--not to mention ability--to oversee a 7th grade science fair project

* Choral Arts, St. Albans, and anybody else that wants me to sing for them; the members of my choral family who are no longer with us, and the musical moments that can only happen at a choral singer's memorial service

* Tommy's impressive social life

* my indispensible Potluck family, whose gifts are beyond words

* did I mention Democrats?

Happy Thanksgiving, Bloggolites.


Blogger amisha said...

what a touching list! sounds like the holiday was a wonderful one... i love that picture too.

5:27 AM  

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