Tuesday, October 24, 2006

swatch post

Since many of my current projects are intended for holiday gifts, I feel I can't post pictures, which is very frustrating! Just for the sake of my own ego, here are a couple of pics which (I hope) only hint at what they are:

If you can guess what they are, good for you!

Here's something I can show you because I don't know to whom I'll give it yet, therefore I doubt that that person will look at the blog and know that it's for them. It is one and a bit of the UBBD (ubiquitous ball band dishcloth). I'm very happy with the colors.


Blogger amisha said...

i love these dishcloths you've been making! i've just done some plain ol' diagonal garter ones that are looking kind of rough now after about a year of hard use... and there's some sugar and cream in the stash... might be time to liven things up a bit in my kitchen.

3:56 AM  

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