Wednesday, October 25, 2006

dual outrages

Outrage #1: According to the Washington Post, in three Virginia jurisdictions (including my own), the electronic balloting machines were unable to cope with the bizarrely unwieldy (catch that sarcasm) candidate's name: James H. 'Jim' Webb. Oh, it's there on the voting page where you have to check it, but on the summary page (due to a change in font size, believe it or not) he will appear only as James H. 'Jim." I'm not kidding. George Allen will appear as George Allen, but Jim Webb will appear as James H. 'Jim.' Apparently we are supposed to be reassured by the fact that election officials promise to have the problem solved by the next election.

This is one of the closest senate races in the country, folks. Money is pouring in from across the country to fuel this race. And we can't get the guy's NAME right?! Puh-leeze.

Outrage #2: Michael J. Fox has recorded very moving TV spots to boost political candidates who support embryonic stem cell research. Rush Limbaugh, who clearly has no shame, accuses Fox of (and I am not making this up. He said it on his nationally broadcast radio show) faking his Parkinson's symptoms for sympathy and political gain. As a person with a family history of Parkinson's (and, while we're at it, as a basically decent human being) I hope Limbaugh gets his righteous butt crucified for this.

No knitting content today. Too busy being outraged.


Blogger amisha said...

good lord... i hadn't heard about rush, but i can't say that i'm surprised. he's gone so far beyond the pale so many times before.
virgina is too much with this allen thing! how is it possible that despite everything, he's ahead? though this is coming from a floridian, where we will probably have a decent show for katherine harris... shudder. optimism of the will, optimism of the will!

8:25 AM  
Blogger JennyN said...

Yikes. As if I needed another reason to hate Rush Limbaugh... :)

11:18 AM  

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