Saturday, March 17, 2007

blog backlog

Long time no post! Oy. I'll start with some FO's and other knitterly things:

Here's the silver and black fuzzy pillow that had me in fun fur heck. It was meant to be for the Movie Maven for Christmas, but didn't quite get there. Here it is against a backdrop of late winter snow.

This was the first of many attempts to make myself a beautiful scarf. I do think this is a beautiful scarf, but it proved too itchy for me to wear (my neck does NOT like wool, not even when it's mixed with silk and stuff). So I gave this scarf to my dear friend who came to visit from Germany, and she loves it as much as I do and apparently can wear any old sandpaper around her neck, because she never took it off for the remaining days of her visit. Seriously, I think she slept in it. Yarn: some Noro something. Silk garden, I think? pattern: fishtail lace scarf, found on the web.

Attempt #2 to knit myself a beautiful scarf. More Noro, this time the merino/cashmere/silk stuff. Still basically too itchy for my regal neck, and plus I wasn't happy with the colors. So it took a trip to the frog pond and became this---->

Dunno what I'm gonna do with it now.

These, however, are a smashing success! Apparently my feet are not as delicate as my neck, as they are perfectly delighted to be encased in trekking superwash merino, part of the stash of sock yarn I picked up at the Winterfeld Platz outdoor market in Berlin this summer. Heaven.

And finally, a pic of what makes a knitter happy:

A boy in his handknits by the fire. Ah.


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