Thursday, October 05, 2006


I've managed to get the buttons onto the blog, but have not managed to turn them into links. One step at a time, I guess. Meanwhile...

Socktoberfest! Here are my answers to Lolly's sock questions:

1. When did you start making socks? etc I made my first pair of socks last spring, which means that only now (since I live in Virginia) are there occasional opportunities to wear all the socks that I've knit so far! I went into my LYS (where, as it happens, a couple of knitters were sitting around making socks), asked for advice, and went home with a Fiberarts pattern (Hellen's Favorite Socks, I think it was called--I've since memorized it and given it to a young knitting friend, who is on her second pair of socks!) and some truly delicious koigu. Poof! A sock knitter is born.

2. What was your first pair? My first pair was made with the above pattern and yarn. Midway through the second sock, the Movie Maven laid claim to the pair, which I happily gave her. They were too big for her (possibly for me too), but before I could get them back one of them slipped into the black hole of the MM's room, whence it has yet to be recovered.

3. What would you have done differently? Smaller needles. I seem to be a loose knitter (ahem).

4. What yarns have you especially liked? I've really loved Lisa Souza's superwash merino hand-dyed. It's lovely to knit, lovely to wear, and the variegation is subtle and sophisticated. I love to knit with koigu kppppppp(whatever)m, but I really need something washable for my life, which does not include handwashing anything.

5. Do you like to crochet your socks? etc I don't know how to crochet. I've tried dpn's and two circulars, and seem to prefer dpn's, especially if they're wooden.

6. Which kind of heel do you prefer? Flap. I've only tried one pair of toe-up short-row socks, and I had problems. See blog entries involving the "bob sock."

7. How many pairs have you made? ummmm... seven, I believe. No, eight. And I've got two on the needles for Socktoberfest!


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Here is the code for the buttons if you still need it. Remove all of the astrisks and put the correct links in between the quotes.

<*a href="put url to site here" target=new><*img src="put your link to the image here"><*/a*>


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