Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, dear Moooooom

Yes, today is my Mom's birthday. My brother is arriving there for a brief birthday visit and I know there's a meal at a new Italian place on the agenda. I made her a pair of gloves (my first!) out of some of the luscious and cheap Trekking sock yarn I bought at the Markt am Winterfeldplatz in Berlin this summer, but I forgot to take a picture of them. arg. I will ask my Dad for a pic for the blog.

Speaking of FO's and pics for the blog, I have many minor FO's to report, and I even took some pics this morning, but they won't transfer onto the computer. I'm trying not to associate this in any cause-and-effect way with the fact that my sweetie borrowed the camera last weekend (for the first time) for a cub scout camping trip... So now I will make an utterly boring pictureless list of finished objects, and when my sweetie figures out how to fix the camera there will be a lovely and not boring post with spanky shiny pictures. Imagine, please:

1. A set of two dishcloths, ubiquitous ballband design, in greens and purples. Meant for gifting.

2. Another set of two dishcloths, one ballband and one not, in beige and variegated mauves. Meant for gifting.

3. Yet another set of dishcloths, this time a trio with textured pears. For my SIL for Christmas.

4. One sock, plus one half of a sock for a different pair, both meant as Christmas gifts and therefore not likely to appear in photographic form on the blog.

And That Is All.


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