Tuesday, October 03, 2006

the knitter in her natural habitat

Here is the knitter at the playground after school. It feels right to immortalize the moment, because this is the last autumn that I'll spend my afternoons this way, with a small collection of friends and a large collection of (mostly) boys, a blanket on the ground, a scattered array of (mostly organic) snacks. Penguin Boy is in fifth grade this year, so the end of elementary school is in sight. Where did it go?

The thing I'm knitting is a dishcloth. Or a washcloth, depending on who I end up giving it to for Christmas.

I leave you now with a boy and his Poodle. And please oh please, can somebody out there tell me how to put buttons on my blog?????


Blogger JennyN said...

Sorry, darlin', I only know how to read 'em, not create 'em! :)

8:59 PM  
Blogger av knits said...

It's OK, Jenny--you have many other talents!

5:46 AM  
Blogger amisha said...

hey there, i'm a newbie so don't quote me on this, but i used the "i power blogger" thing as a template (i.e. cut and pasted that html into a different spot on the template) and then just changed that image to the button. i also changed the link to the button link. this might not make any sense, and probably is not the best/easiest way... but it works :)
i tried to find your email to respond to your comment on my blog but couldn't, so i'll respond here... i completely agree with the local "better than the alternative." here in FL we've got a choice between nelson, the traitor who voted for torture, and freakin' katherine harris. whaaa??? it is all about campaigning and letter writing and making your voice heard, though, even when you're stuck with a crummy choice.

11:15 AM  

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