Tuesday, September 19, 2006

the FO showing continues

My knitting goal for the six weeks we spent in Berlin was a pair of socks for each member of my family (myself excluded). Here they are:

Stripey socks for Penguin Boy. Top-down, 3 X 1 rib, US 0 dpns. This is Regia that I bought in Vermont. I love these socks, and so does he. Note the prominent bruise. This is typical for PB, as I'm sure it is for many 10-year-olds. I remember vividly his 18-month checkup with the pediatrician, who caused some mild panic in this Mom when he started counting PB's bruises... and then said, "Seventeen. That's about right."

Garter Rib socks for my sweetie, from Sensational Knitted Socks. Lisa Souza's glorious hand-dyed, colorway "petroglyph." US 0 dpns. He's worn them several times and they're holding up great in the washer. These are being modeled on my feet, so if it looks like they're about 3 inches too long, that's probably right.

Ankle socks for the Movie Maven. Also Lisa Souza yarn, colorway "Delft," and US 0's. After asserting for many months that she is not interested in handknit socks, will not wear handknit socks, and generally thinks handknit socks are a very bad idea, she has worn these practically into the ground. I finally got to wash them yesterday. I lent the pattern (same one I used for the Stripey socks, only shortened) to a friend and I've forgotten what it's called. I'll get better at this, I promise.


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