Monday, September 18, 2006

back from hibernation

After a lovely (hot) summer in Berlin (not as hot as the summer in Alexandria, thank goodness), a lovely trip to Vermont, and having gotten a couple weeks of the school schedule under my belt, I think I'm ready to come back to the blog. My sweetie helped me figure out some of the things that I'd like to do (eg., put things in sidebars, make links, intersperse the photos throughout the text). And I've forgotten what he told me to do to put things in sidebars. sigh

Not to be deterred from my real mission of putting pictures of things I knit on the web for the whole dang world to see... here are a couple pictures of my first FO's of the summer. More anon.

Cozy for Penguin Boy's ipod shuffle. Sock yarn from stash, US1 dpns. Made up the pattern. Both the shuffle and the cozy were lost somewhere in Berlin.

Baby Jester Hat for Mika. Made up the pattern, but I have it written down if anyone wants it. Leftover Debbie Bliss cashmerino from an afghan made for a friend last year. US6 rosewood needles. I love this hat. I made it up for my friend Ann's twins a couple of years ago.


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