Wednesday, January 16, 2008

holiday update (about time)

I do seem to be one of those who is loathe to post without photos. I still don't have photos of everything from my holiday knitting, but here's some progress.


I knit 18 korknisse and 11 round ornaments (photos in previous posts), plus 3 more ornaments for gifting. My son and I also made roughly 11 of these:

modern paper ornaments


That same son was gifted a pair of handknit socks, which he was gracious enough to put on his feet right then and there and he wears them any time they're clean:

TVE orange socks
Hellen's Favorite Socks pattern
yarn purchased somewhere in Berlin

For my mom, more things to keep her warm:

fetching for Mom
debbie bliss cashmerino

Dad then wore Mom's fetching mitts pretty much all of Christmas day. He says the warmth helps his arthritic hands. Well, who could resist that?

fetching-ish for Dad
knitpicks swish
same colorway (same yarn) that I used for BAWK

I started to knit him a pair of dashing mitts, given that they are supposed to be the masculine version of fetching. But by the time I'd gotten through the first big cable it was clear that these were not going to work for my Dad. They were both too long and too narrow. Instead, I simply knit him a pair of fetchings, omitting the cables. They're handsome and stretchy and soft, and we're both quite pleased.

At Mom's request, I knit these ballband dishcloths for our cousin Huddy, who wrote me a delightful thank-you card in return:

ballband dishcloths
Mason-Dixon knitting
sugar n creme cotton yarn

More holiday knit pics soon, plus an update on last year's resolutions (no sock yarn! no dishcloth cotton! Ha!), and some new ideas for 2008.


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