Saturday, November 24, 2007

the holiday knitting begins!

Around this time of year it gets harder to feed the blog, because so many of the projects underway are secret. I have many holiday thingies going now, but there are a couple of things that I can share. First, my mom's birthday present:

BAWK hot water bottle cozy
knitpicks swish, colorway forgotten

This was a huge hit, and very fun to knit.

Next up:

saartje knits
stash patons classic merino (various colors)

These take me about 20 minutes to knit, and I knit one whenever I need a break from some other task. They're delightful, and I still have about 10 corks left in my stash. No end in sight.

Finally, something for ME!

ropes and ladders scarf
luxury cashmerino from AC Moore, 2 strands

This yarn started out to be a sweater for myself about two years ago, but I got bogged down keeping track of increases and decreases. I frogged it last new year's in a fit of UFO cleansing, and it was thrilling! I still have some left for a pair of fetching to match (although when one would wear this snuggly, bulky scarf with bare fingers is not clear to me). I wish the scarf rolled less at the edges, but maybe that's just because I'm too lazy to block it. It's really cozy and looks great with my black winter jacket. After about 10 minutes the wool does begin to itch a little bit because I am a certified wool wimp, but it's worth it.


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