Sunday, June 24, 2007

rip and sew

I finally did what I should have done in my LYS about three weeks ago: I accepted the fact that I do not have enough of my Claudia's handpainted to make a full-sized clapotis. Happily, I found a pattern for a scarf-sized one on the clapotis knitalong site, so I ripped and started over. I find that I don't mind, actually. Although I would have liked a full-sized clapotis, starting over comes with that pleasant casting on feeling. I'm going to find a different pattern for a wrap, and be satisfied to have a lovely handpainted merino clapotis scarf.

Meanwhile, I'm teaching myself to sew!

wristlet tutorial from splityarn

I had so much fun making this little bag. You can see from the photo that my seams are far from perfect, and there's a little odd bulk in a few places, nevertheless, as my very first sewing project (that's almost true: many years ago I did some quilting, and in middle school my mom and I tried very hard to master the world's easiest pattern for a wraparound skirt. We gave up. A few weeks later my dad finished it for us) I'm completely delighted with it. I'm going to make another one and fill them both with... I dunno, something... as gifts for the two graduate school buddies I'm meeting up with in July (spa days! yee ha!).


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