Thursday, June 28, 2007

that giant sucking sound...

... is me getting sucked into the e-knitting underworld! First ravelry (could I possibly spend more time noodling around that site?), and now the Mystery Stole 3 Knitalong. sigh. I'm a goner. Here's my swatch for MS3:

The color is not true--in reality it's a lovely dark green heather. But I'm happy with my gauge, etc: this is knitpicks laceweight merino, colorway "lost lake" (so romantic!), knitpicks options needles size 4US.

Meanwhile I'm making good progress on my Clapotini, as I now call it. I'm hoping to finish it before the first Mystery Stole clue comes out tomorrow. And I whipped up a sleeve for my new nano (my wonderful first-generation ipod finally gave up the ghost. That baby was a real dinosaur, and subject of wonder wherever it was seen). I wanted it to fit both the nano and the little radio device that lets me play it in the car, so it came out long and slender, and looking like it might be a sleeve for something quite other than a personal listening device.

I found out last night that even when your son's swim meet lasts (including commute time) 6 1/2 hours, you're still not going to get much knitting done, because a) you can't knit in the car because you get carsick and your friend Silvia is too entertaining; b) you can't knit while the sun is up because it's eight billion degrees in Virginia; and c) you can't knit for very long after the sun goes down because, well, duh. But today is another day.


Blogger d said...

Really nice color on your mystery stole swatch ! have you started it yet ? Once you do, it is very addictive. I want to finish clue 1 before I go on holiday, but my shoulder is protesting !


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