Thursday, May 24, 2007

some knitting, some yard sale, and a pdq

Some pictures of things I've been up to:

stripey jaywalkers
pattern by grumperina
meilenweit lana grossa (purchased at the Winterfeldplatz market in Berlin) sock yarn

I'm pretty sure that when I bought that sock yarn I had my daughter in mind, but the colors no longer look like her to me. They don't look much like me, either, to be honest, but I wanted to try jaywalkers in a really stripey stripe. Also I love the way they look in the dogwood tree.

This is my lovely lovely lovely oak and acorn lace scarf, and I am completely thrilled with everything about it: pattern, yarn, knitting, blocking, wearing. MUST KNIT MORE LACE RIGHT AWAY. Here it is in its unblocked state and then blocking. The colors are washed out in these pictures and don't at all do justice to the luscious Lorna's Laces yarn. Final pics and stats coming soon.


is what went to the Salvation Army after the annual block-wide yard sale. We seemed to get lots of customers, but they weren't, apparently, in much of a buying mood. Nevertheless I considered the whole thing a huge success because of all the things we got out of the house. This victory was tempered slightly by all the stuff that Tommy bought at the other houses on the block... but he made up for it in sheer joy.

Choral Arts Society of Washington
Kennedy Center
May 2007

This is my fabulous, ridiculous chorus, in all its wacky splendor, just before our performance of PDQ Bach's The Seasonings. That's me, center front, lounging lustily in mauve. In addition to the (ahem) glamorous outfits on the chorus (I believe it was a pun on choir robes), the performance featured two kazoos, two slide whistles, a shower hose, a tromboon (basically half tombone, half bassoon, or a brass bassoon with a slide), and Peter Schickele himself on the windbreaker (a big pan flute made out of wrapping paper rolls and duct tape). Oh, plus a full orchestra and an organ set to the soap-opera setting, whatever that's called.


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