Thursday, April 26, 2007

after some thought...

A letter to my daughter:

You and I have had some disagreements over my blog.

I appreciate that you do not want your private life aired without your permission over the web. I understand that you don’t want your picture, or pictures of your friends, on your mother’s blog.

Nevertheless, it is my blog. I have final say over what goes into it. That said, I do actually want to respect your wishes about how you appear in it, so I’ve come up with the following guidelines for myself:

1. I will not call you the Movie Maven. The convention in blogdom seems to be to refer to someone in your position as DD, for “Darling Daughter.” I’ve found that a little snide, but if you prefer it I could use it. Or I could simply refer to you as “my daughter.” Or I could use your name, or a name you choose, or your first initial.

2. I will not post any pictures that show your face.

3. I will not post entries that are specifically about you, stories about you, or pictures of you for the sake of showing pictures of you. I will, however, feel free to illustrate moments from my own life that include you, without showing your face or revealing private information. This means, for example, that the post about the mother-daughter weekend would be permissable if I were to remove pictures of your face. In consideration for your friends, I would also remove their faces.

4. I will not post entries that are critical of you. I will occasionally post entries that are proud of you, but I will try to refrain as often as I can because I know it’s not your favorite thing. But it is my blog, and I am a mother.

I know you’d rather I never mention you in my blog in any way, but that would compromise my authority over my blog more than I am willing. I hope that my guidelines will generate a blog that you can live with. If not, we can talk more.

With love and respect,



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