Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Some things you just don't appreciate until something goes wrong with them. Feet, for example. Who would have thought that a little teensy bit of toe surgery could set me so off for so long? However, my foot and I have come a long way. Here is my foot today:

My, sez you, that's a humdinger of a scar. Yes, well, I suppose it will fade some, and as my sweetie (diplomatically) pointed out, my feet never were my most beautiful feature. There's still some swelling and I start eight rounds of physical therapy next week. FOR MY TOE. For crying out loud.

Meanwhile, there has been some birthday knitting. For my son the football fanatic (remember when he used to be the penguin guy? Now it's all Randy Moss, all the time), I knit a hat in the colors of the San Diego Chargers. I knit it, he loved it, he wore it to his Alexandria Band Concert the very night of his birthday, and accidentally left it there. Poor guy, he was bereft. So I knit him another:

TVE's chargers hat
Yarn Harlot's generic hat pattern
dark horse yarns

For my sweetie's birthday I knit socks. He's been begging for socks. He is the most appreciative recipient of handknit socks I could possibly wish for. He lurves my socks. As soon as they're washed, he wears them again. It is so fun to knit him socks. Mods: one of them is knit in garter rib, and with the other I carried the 4 X 1 ribbing down the top of the foot. Both legs are loooong and without calf shaping, per request. Here they are:

SE birthday socks
Hellen's Favorite Socks pattern
yarns bought in Berlin (Meilenweit and Gedifra)

Lastly on the knitting front, this Mason-Dixon bib for my Mom to give to a dear friend's new granddaughter:

Becca's bib
Mason-Dixon Knitting
Sugar n Creme

So now we're fully into the spring season, last quarter of the school year, preparing for spring concerts, spring field trips, spring things. I've managed to put together all the complicated summer activities and still leave each kid with at least 3 weeks ABSOLUTELY FREE. Very proud of that. This week we're picking out courses for the girl's first year of high school (how, exactly, did THAT happen??). I'll leave you with two springy pics:

our dogwoods, just thinking about blooming

birthday guy, riding high


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Such a random post, why feet?

Haha, I was there. What a cool party.

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